Identity for the park of culture and recreation named after Kirov
Kirov Park is a MEETING PLACE for people with nature, with animals, with family and friends, with the history of the city and the country, with holidays and entertainment, with childhood and fairy tales, with creativity and traditions, with oneself...
Более плотное начертание для меньшего размера позволяет логотипу выглядеть одинаково на любом носителе.
У каждой буквы есть 3 варинта формы, фича (программная настройка) случайным образом меняет их, создавая в наборе разнообразие и ещё большую рукописность.
Для проекта были разработаны несколько уникальных гарнитур шрифтов. Для логотипа, дескриптера и акцидентный для рекламных носителей. Текстовый шрифт используется по лицензии производителя.
Several unique typefaces were developed for the project. For logo, descriptor and display for advertising media. A denser font weight for a smaller size allows the logo to look the same on any medium.
Each letter has 3 shape options, a feature (software setting) randomly changes them, creating diversity and even more handwriting in the set.
The main idea of advertising communication is to start a conversation with city residents through bubbles. The park must have its own voice; for this, the handwritten font KirovPark Bubble was developed, its letters are written unevenly, they bounce over the line, each time changing their size and shape as if they were written by a child.
A huge audience of the park is children - this character of the letters will be close and understandable to them, but adults will not be indifferent either. Ads will change colors and patterns depending on the time of year, but fonts, as a constant, will help keep things consistent and connected.
Souvenirs change their name and colors based on the time of year. The main, universal product line includes a pattern in all colors on a white background.
Souvenirs of the park are not only beautiful, but also functional and will always come in handy on a walk or outdoor activity. They will also be an excellent gift for guests of the city and when traveling to other cities and countries.
Billboards with image visuals can appear both in the park itself and on city streets. Advertising of events in the park can appear both on public transport and on public transport serving the park.
The color palette of advertisements changes with the seasons, but a universal pattern on a white background can be used at any time of the year. Navigation in the park shows the location of infrastructure and tourist routes.