Brand style is expressed not only in its external attributes, but also in its philosophy. Therefore, it is important for us to determine the positioning of the brand before the design development stage in order to understand in which direction to look for the idea of the future corporate identity. The formulated positioning is the result of a strategic stage at which a brand platform is formed that reflects its mission, values and character.

In addition to the semantic basis, we lay in the concept of corporate identity a communication potential that helps the brand adapt to any format - from a business card to an advertising billboard, without losing its identity and without using other advertising means.
I start the packaging design of a new brand or the redesign of an existing one from a strategic stage: analysis of marketing data and the brand's product portfolio, studying the competitive environment, searching for free niches in a category and identifying consumer insights.

Any design decision is based on a well-thought-out concept that gives an idea of how the brand will develop and evolve in the short and long term. I pay special attention to how the packaging will look in a real life: its ergonomics, materials and production technologies.
An illustration is a unique author's product, which is difficult to overestimate when solving the problems of an advertising or branding project. We create illustrations that match the design intent in style and manner.
Becoming a part of packaging, promotional materials or corporate identity, an illustration makes them unique, meaningful and emotionally filled.
A font is a decision to develop a unique font for a brand or project, the prerogative of large companies who understand that they need to compete at all levels, including standing out with a font. In addition, having your own corporate font removes the issue of paying a studio
commission to the developer of a purchased font for use in various fields of activity, when making a large circulation of packaging, using a font on a site with a large number of views.

In the process of studying of the client's task, the type, volume and cost of work are determined, priorities are indicated. After a preliminary analysis and individual calculation, the client understands how much specific services and the whole range of works cost. The agency and the client share their vision of further cooperation, evaluate mutual resource costs and possible project risks. The result of the stage is a project brief, an agreement and an approved estimate.
Introduction to the task
Operating procedure
The study of the brief, the accumulation of information, after which strategic conclusions and calculations are made. This is an important part of the process, helping not to scatter efforts, but to find the right vector for solving the project problem. Further, based on the chosen strategy, several variants of the creative concept are developed. This stage begins to be realized after receiving an advance payment of 50%.
Concept development
Presentation of the developed strategy and creative concept options to the client. One of the concept variants with the greatest design potential is selected. A step-by-step plan for the implementation of the concept is drawn up, and the areas of responsibility of the agency and the client at each stage are determined.
Design and production of media based on the chosen concept. At this stage testing of the design takes place: the final check of how it adapts to different conditions and formats. The project regulations such as a guideline or a brand book are drawn up. Upon completion of the stage and receipt of full payment all working materials are transferred to the customer.
Concept prese ntation
Development of media and guide
*The content of the project varies depending on the chosen service
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