Identity for the city zoo
The Zoo has a petting zoo area where domestic animals of different species are kept in the same space. It is not uncommon to see how a smaller animal gets on top of a larger animal, and this does not cause any negative emotions in the second one. Even a turtle on the face of a crocodile can sleep peacefully. Such friendly relations between animals and people are intended to broadcast the new style of the Zoo.
Stylistically, all elements of the identity are close to children's perception, many colored elements convey joy and positive. The characters look like they were drawn by a child. This style is understandable to both very young and older visitors.
The main feeling of the graphics is safety, pure colors, positive scenes with animals, joy, family time together. A place where you want to return, a place where you are always welcome, easy entry into the environment, close contact. Making friends with animals is fun!