Children's art school identity
The art school is a community of superhumans with a unique outlook on life and golden hands (a sign of mastery), where in co-creation a child and a craftsman discover new ways in creativity, in the "safe" space of the workshop, with the help of the master's unique experience, equipment, tools.
The key image of the brand is based on a "frame" for finding a composition. The frame consists of two hands forming a rectangle of fingers. Everything that falls within the scope of the frame is a work of art and a product of creativity. One hand symbolizes the hand of the Master, the second hand of the student, touching together they create a form.
A look through the frame is a special look of the artist, his super ability to see the world differently than ordinary people. The Hand of the Master indicates the path of development - upwards, in its form there is an image of "steps" of training-classes.