Souvenir identity of the territory "Siberia"
The territory of Siberia is filled with character, atmosphere, history. The image of the identity is an impenetrable taiga, an ornamental interlacing of letters, a complex interletter space. Color of endless rivers and sky.
The logo itself can be an ornamental part of the style, but the snowflake icon can also solve this problem very flexibly, opening up new meanings. A snowflake easily becomes an arrow, an association with direction, centralization, and the vastness of the territory. With such a graphically complex logo, additional elements should be kept as simple as possible.
Everyone loves badges, stripes and stickers) On any trip, such pleasant little things will tell others where you are from, remind you of home if you have moved (I can't imagine why this could happen) and will be a great gift for new acquaintances and friends!